Israel to Postpone Reopening Its Borders to Vaccinated Tourists Until August


In one of his final acts in office, former Interior Minister Aryeh Deri released an ambiguous letter on June 10, promising leniencies in entry to Israel for individual tourists, beginning July 1. This announcement was quickly picked up by media outlets, who trumpeted that, in July, Israel would allow entry to vaccinated individual tourists.

As Chaim V’Chessed reported, the details of these leniencies were never decided upon. The formation of the new Israeli government cast further uncertainty on this matter. Today, due to the recent resurgence of Covid contagion, authorities have decided to shelve this idea. Sources have told Chaim V’Chessed that the proposal to allow entry to individual tourists is now off the table until at least August 1.

As of now, existing entry rules remain in place. This means that foreigners are largely barred. Still, certain categories are able to obtain entry permits; see Chaim V’Chessed’s detailed information, here.

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