Hilchos Aseres Yimei Teshuva, R’ Tzvi Yaakov Stein



If Hamelech hakadosh was forgotten, shemona esrei is repeated.
If zachreinu, mi chamocha, etc. that are added in shemona esrei are forgotten, don’t  repeat Shemona Esrei.

If Hamelech Hamishpat was forgotten, don’t repeat Shemona Esrei.
Since it’s a machlokes about the above Halachos, be very careful not to forget to say them.

Avinu malkeinu can be said when Davening alone.

Those that are lenient to eat bakery bread that’s baked by non Jews during the year should be strict during these days to only eat bread baked by a yid.

If it would take more than eighteen minutes to get bread baked by a yid then the other
bread is allowed.

Cakes, cookies, pretzels etc. should be considered like bread. 

Pasta does not have to be pas yisroel. 

Cereals are not considered like bread and can be eaten. 

If you eat chalav stam then there’s no special reason to eat chalav yisroel. 

We should try and do better than normal during these days and it’s not considered faking. 

Try and be very careful in Hilchos Shabbos this week, especially not to talk about subjects that shouldn’t be spoken about on Shabbos.

If you don’t normally eat melave malka try and eat it on this Motzai Shabbos.

If necessary, two or more males can use one male chicken and females a female chicken.

Pregnant women should use two chickens, a male and female. 

It’s best not to use maaser money for kaparos. 

If you’re paying extra because it’s going to tzedaka, the extra can be taken from maaser. 

Kaparos can be done using sh. 

Many have the minhag to do kaparos with money.

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