Kiddush Hashem: NYPD Police Chief Thanks Brooklyn Yeshiva For Overwhelming Welcome


NYPD Assistant Chief Michael M. Kemper of Brooklyn South, tweeted the below video and text this afternoon. It was “NYPD Appreciation Day” at Magen David Yeshiva in Flatbush, and the chief expressed his overwhelming gratitude to the Yeshiva for the kindness they showed towards the precinct and NYPD at large.


  1. The 5 Towns Jewish Council honored the dedicated Police, the public and private school outstanding students, the Beca Boys: 4 young men who lost their precious lives in trying to save a drowning camp friend – all 4 were swept by the river and drowned.
    We honored them into 2006.
    Since the Jewish Council was not supported by the incoming residents and Shuls, it had to disband.
    What a loss for the community at large!

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