Words of Inspiration on 5th Yahrzeit of Binyamin Zwickler A”H


Binyamin Zwickler A”H, just had his 5th Yahrzeit on Wednesday, the 10th of Sh’vat. Binyamin passed away at the young age of 25. He was diagnosed with cancer when we were in high school, and yet he was always full of laughter and optimism; his love for life was contagious. He was truly selfless always looking to help a friend no matter the challenges he faced. Facing tragedy, pain, and illness, his Emunah was rock-solid; his bright smile and positive outlook made everything seem OK.

Binyamin always had a strong connection to music. When life challenged him, music was his safe haven. He composed original songs that were deeply personal, but he rarely shared them with anyone. A few months before he passed away, he had his music recorded “unprofessionally”. He shared these recordings with his close friends and family in the weeks and days before he was Niftar. We have held these songs close to our hearts ever since. The music embodies Binyamin’s love of life, connection with Hashem through Tefilah, and his calming demeanor. The music and lyrics are soulful and deep, they can strike an emotional chord in any and every Jew. For that reason, we have decided to give these songs the platform they deserve by creating an album of a few choice songs. We successfully found suitable artists across the Jewish music spectrum who do the music justice and represent Binyamin’s memory authentically.

We have partnered with Madraigos, an organization dedicated to helping teens and young adults facing difficult challenges in these turbulent times. This organization is one that we are confident Binyamin would support because of his true love and devotion for helping people overcome their unique struggles and never judging anyone. Our confident hope is that the music will inspire listeners to live a life of happiness and purpose which will serve as a Zchus for Binyamin’s Nishama.

In honor of the 5th Yahrzeit Yaakov Langer of ‘Living Lichaim’ & Dani Kuntzsler of ‘Spirit of the Song’ give w whole new meaning to the song ‘Carry On’ (sung by Eli Levin & Eli Dachs) composed by Binyamin A”H. Rabbo Aryeh Cohen of DRS, who was very close to Binyamin, shares words of inspiration. May his words be an Alyah for Binyamins Neshama.

See the full album below:

Ani Ma’amin: Joey Newcomb
Nachamu: Aryeh Kunstler
Kol Ha’olam: The Portnoy Brothers
Carry On: Eli Levin & Eli Dachs
Kah Ribon: Moishy Schwartz
Proik: Danny Palgon

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