Mi Kiamcha Yisroel: Chaverim of Rockland Save Local Dog Stuck in Sewer System


A beautiful golden retriever, which was missing for several days, was just found. A Rockland County resident reported their beloved dog missing and placed flyers out all around town.

A member of Chaverim of Rockland County was walking by a sewer drain and happened to hear hushed whimpering. After peering down below, he noticed the muddied and tired out golden retriever.

Immediately the Chaverim team and local animal patrol stepped in to assist. A truck was able to pull off the grates and a Chaverim member jumped in to grab the dog and hoist it to safety.

Family members got emotional and absolutely delighted to have their dog back. They thanked the volunteers profusely for their dedication & time. “Ginger”, the missing dog, was sent to the vet for several hours & is currently back home doing well.

Mi Kiamcha Yisroel!

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