Mi Kiamcha: Locals Launch Campaign to Restore Inwood FD After Being Burglarized


The Inwood Fire Department was broken into over Shabbos, had a truck stolen and experienced significant building damage. The truck was later reported in a car accident in Atlantic Beach. The perpetrators were arrested a short time later in Long Beach, as they were in middle of breaking into homes.

Soon after Shabbos ended, Yehuda Michaeli launched a campaign to help the Fire Department repair the damages. Within the hour of it launching, half of the goal was completed! See details for the campaign link below and feel free to contribute.

“In service to the community for over a century, the Inwood Fire Department is the beating heart of our community at large here in Inwood. An all volunteer service, it’s members respond to calls of all nature day or night all year long. It was not too long ago, during Hurricane Sandy, the Inwood Fire Department once again showed their colors as the true heroes they are in rescuing and assisting the community in a myriad of ways.

But this time it is different. This time it is our opportunity to give back to an organization that has given so much for us and has always been there for us every time we need them.

A criminal broke into the station this past Friday night and stole one of their rescue trucks and destroyed the garage door.

Our community is pooling our resources to give back to this organization who has done so much for us. Please give generously to this campaign to help the Fire Department purchase the emergency equipment that was destroyed in this criminal act.

We can demonstrate our genuine gratitude to the Inwood Fire Department and show all potential criminals that the Inwood community will always stand strong in the face of crime.”



  1. This is really nice but it’s misguided. The vehicle and garage are both owned by the Inwood Fire District, which is a government entity, much like a school district. They collect and levy taxes and can handle this on their own. It’s like the community buying new police cars for the police department.

  2. Insurance or not, it’s beautiful how the community came to support. The peeps really had nerve, of all places to break in A Fire House. They should be put away for along time

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