Mi Kiamcha: Pinsk-Karlin Rebbe Donning His Personal Pair of Tefillin on Another Yid


Source: Anash.org

The Pinsk-Karlin Rebbe on a flight on Wednesday from Poland to Eretz Yisroel, along with a group of his chassidim and chassidim of other groups. They were returning from a visit to Lizhensk, where they had traveled to daven at the kever of Reb Elimelech of Lizhensk on his yahrzeit, 21 Adar.

During the flight, the Pinsk-Karlin Rebbe was made aware that there was a Yid on the flight who had not yet donned tefillin and was willing to do so. Without hesitation, he took out his own tefillin, removed one of the two yarmulkas he was wearing and put it on the Yid, and helped in don tefillin. He then recited Shema Yisroel with him.

The video quickly went viral both in Chabad circles and others, with many fascinated by the unique scene.

For Lubavitcher chassidim, it signified something more profound as well. 55 years ago, when the Rebbe first launched his Tefillin campaign, it was seen as such a novelty that some mocked or spoke against it. Five and a half decades later, it is taken as a given…

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