Incredible Story of Divine Hints & A Mothers Faith Surrounding The Release of Yigal Yaakov


A Sofer (Scribe) who owns a well-known Judaica store recounts the incident of returning to work post-Simchas Torah. While calling customers to collect their Tefillin orders, he noticed a particular order from Nir Oz. Intrigued, he texted the customer, Renana Yaakov, to inquire about her and her family’s well-being. Renana revealed that her son, Yagel Yaakov, had been taken hostage in Gaza and was set to celebrate his Bar Mitzvah in a month and a half.

Holding a Tefillin bag bearing the name Yagel Yaakov, the sofer shares the overwhelming feeling of sadness and informed Renana that he would refund her order. However, Renana’s response was resolute, stating, “Noam, you aren’t refunding me a penny. Yigal will come home, and we’re going to make a big celebration. We’re going to need the Tefillin for his Bar Mitzvah.”

This week, with gratitude to Hashem, Yigal Yaakov was released.

In another incredible showing of Hashems constant reminders that he is with us through these dark days, 5TC received the following unbelievable “Remazim” (hints) that were going around on the day of his release.

The name of the kidnapped boy, Yigal Yaakov, appears in Perek “Nun Gimel” (53rd Chapter) in Tehillim which is referencing the 53 days that he was in captivity. Additionally, for those who complete Tehillim every week, this Perek is on “Yom Shlishi” (Tuesday), which is also the day he was released.

May we continue to see miracles and the release of each and every hostage.

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