Ceasefire Broken: War Resumes After Hamas Fires Rockets Into South


Hamas broke the ceasefire when it fired rockets into Israel and failed to provide a new list of hostages for release.

Hamas fired rockets last night at Ashkelon, Sderot, and Beersheva. Sirens did not sound in Beersheva, as the rockets fired at the southern city were headed for open areas.

The IDF has resumed operations with two clear goals: free the remaining hostages and destroy Hamas’s capacity to attack Israelis.

The Prime Minister’s Office: “Hamas violated the agreement, did not fulfill its obligation to release all the women hostages today, and launched rockets at the citizens of Israel.”

“The Israeli government is committed to achieving the goals of the war.”

The IDF has created an Evacuation Zone Map with a series of numbered zones that it can use to notify Palestinian civilians of active combat zones rather than call for large-scale evacuations as it did in the north.


Hamas is still holding 137 hostages:
➡️ 117 men and 20 women
➡️ 126 are Israelis and 11 are foreign nationals
➡️ 2 are children under the age of 18
➡️ 10 are seniors over the age of 75

May we hear the return of all the hostages alive and well. May the soldiers be victorious and safe. May we share Besuros Tovos.

Itamar Ben Gvir: “For the sake of the children who have not yet returned, for the murdered who will no longer return, so that the horrors of 7/10 will never return, we must return and crush Gaza with all our might, destroy Hamas and return to the Strip, without compromises, without deals. at maximum power.”


  1. Don’t deal with terrorists. Don’t let go Arab murderers & attempted murderers.
    Won’t the left ever learn?????
    Abbas is a behind the scenes terrorist, we all know that too.
    If someone makes a plan to kill you, believe them!!!
    Make Capitol Punishment for terrorists.
    You gave the ‘palestinian’ civilians plenty of time to get out. Don’t sacrifice your own soldiers ●

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