Israel Updates: Victim Identified, IDF Retaliates, Hostage Deal Latest

Omer Sarah Benjo

Victim Identified

Staff Sgt. Omer Sarah Benjo HY”D, 20, of the 91st Division’s 869th Combat Intelligence Collection unit, has been identified as the soldier killed in a rocket attack from Lebanon earlier today. Benjo, served in the 91st Division’s 869th Combat Intelligence Collection unit, and was from Ge’a.

Another soldier in the Computer Service Directorate was seriously wounded, and several others were moderately and lightly hurt in the rocket attack. May they have a speedy recovery.

Nothern Warfront

In response to ongoing rocket fire toward northern Israel, IDF fighter jets struck a series of Hezbollah terrorist targets.

The targets included military compounds, operational control rooms, and terrorist infrastructure. Several targets belonged to Hezbollah’s elite by Radwan Forces.

Israel’s War Cabinet member Benny Gantz following today’s Hezbollah attack on Tzfat: “We have experienced a difficult event – the response to which will come swiftly and strongly. Not only is Hezbollah responsible for the attack, but also the government and the state of Lebanon.”

IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen Herzi Halevi to mayors in northern Israel: “Thanks to you, the IDF can act decisively to change the security situation in the north.

There are very great achievements in hitting Hezbollah in Lebanon, but we continue to act. This is not the point to stop. There is still a long way to go and we will walk it together.”

Hostage Deal Updates

The Prime Minister’s Office today:

“Israel did not receive in Cairo any new proposal of Hamas on the release of our hostages.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insists that Israel will not give in to Hamas’s delusional demands.

A change in Hamas’s positions will allow the negotiations to advance.”

Besuros Tovos.


  1. This title for tat response is waste of fuel and time. Meanwhile we lose soldiers and civilians. Bomb and burn them like the US did in ww2 and Vietnam

  2. Samuel. Marrk is right as usual. Israel has to Care less about world opinion but the armed forces still depend on others for replenishing weapons like Nixon did 50 years ago during the Yom Kippurr. War.

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