Civil Debate on Israel Between Jake Turx & Cenk Uygur


Jake Turx is the senior White House correspondent and chief political correspondent for Ami Magazine. He joins Cenk to Talk about Israel & Gaza on today’s episode of The Conversation.

In an incredibly polite and civilized conversation, Turx (Jewish) challenged Cenk (Muslim-American) to describe how he would advise Israel to respond to the atrocities of Oct 7 if he were the president of the US.

“It is very difficult to fight Hamas inside the tunnels and even inside Gaza. But brother, that’s what special forces are for. That’s what the military is for. And it doesn’t take courage to throw a punch, it takes courage to take a punch. So Israel took a significant punch. If they punched back, but in a precise way, and then they rescued some hostages and got the bad guys… the whole world would have been so much more sympathetic.”

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