UPDATE: Sunday Morning Meeting of Rabbonim, Roshei Yeshiva, and Experts


March 15, 2020/ 19 Adar 5780

Lichvod our Wonderful and Special Tzibbur:

Shalom U’vracha and hoping and davening that everyone is managing well in the midst of these trying and challenging times. May HaKB”H send you all tremendous koach and Siyata Dishmaya in all areas, each and every day, and may we merit to share only the very best of news henceforth, Bi’ezras Hashem Yisbarach.

Many local Roshei Yeshivos and Rabbonim discussed myriad aspects of the current situation at length this morning. In consultation over the last few days with Gedolei Yisroel in the U.S. (Rav Dovid Feinstein shlit”a; Rav Shmuel Kaminetzky shlit”a; Rav Feivel Cohen shlit”a, and others), as well as with several prominent and reputable doctors and infectious disease experts, we have arrived at the following guidelines.

Please note that the following represents our guidance and recommendations at the present time; we will be discussing the pertinent issues once again this Tuesday morning, and on a regular basis thereafter. We are being updated constantly, and our hadracha and recommendations will reflect the new information after it is scrutinized and thoroughly reviewed.


1) At the present time, we strongly advise that ALL LOCAL SHULS, YESHIVOS, AND SCHOOLS (including playgroups) REMAIN CLOSED. As you can well imagine, we write this with an extremely heavy and broken heart, and it is a decision that we have carefully weighed and analyzed for some time. In light of the current situation- several confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the general community thus far r”l, along with over a dozen individuals awaiting test results- it is a decision reached together with Gedolei HaPoskim, and one that the community must abide by to help stem the current outbreak and save countless lives. For the sake of pikuach nefashos, it is the right decision to be implemented at the current time and is effective immediately.

2) Based on our discussion with various experienced doctors and specialists, we also STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT NO MINYANIM TAKE PLACE EVEN OUTDOORS AT THIS TIME. Our clear recommendation is that no outdoor or block minyanim take place until further notice, even if no one feeling ill is present, and even if all participants are spaced at least six feet apart. If one needs to recite Kaddish, please be in touch with your Rav who will gladly assist in making the necessary arrangements for Kaddish to be said via other means.  

3) The Men’s Mikvah is to currently remain closed. Regarding the Women’s Mikvah, please consult your respective Rav for clear instructions and proper guidelines concerning the preparation for, and the use of, the local Mikva’os.

4) ALL LOCAL RESTAURANTS AND EATING ESTABLISHMENTS SHALL CLOSE FOR IN-HOUSE SEATING for the time being. TAKE-OUT FOOD MAY CONTINUE, but customers shall exercise utmost caution in ensuring that only one or two people walk inside for pick-up at a given time. If you see several individuals in an eatery for pick-up of a take-out order, please use your seichel and be patient until others first clear out.


6) SIMCHAS, CHASUNAHS, etc.: While we strongly recommend that all simchas be either postponed or greatly diminished (in both size and number), we leave the final decision to the discretion of the ba’alei simcha in conjunction with their respective Rav.      

WE ASK THAT YOU ALL CONTINUE TO DAVEN… Let us together as a Tzibbur increase our kavanah in all our Tefillos, and daven sincerely and with enhanced devotion and intensity, for all those in need to merit a refuah shi’leima bi’karov, and may we all share only besuros tovos in the days and weeks ahead IY”H.

EIN OD MILVADO! CHAZAK V’EMATZ in your Emunah U’Bitachon, and let us do our necessary hishtadlus while relying on the ultimate protection of the true “Shomer Yisroel” Who will bring us the full yeshua bi’karov mamash!

With boundless love, deep-felt care, and profound concern for each and every member of this truly special community,
Bi’birchas Kol Tuv tamid mei’omek li’beinu,
Your local Roshei Yeshivos and Rabbonim

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