Chassidic Judge Rachel Freier Trying for Brooklyn’s Supreme Court


Rachel Freier, currently a civil-court judge in Brooklyn, will find out this week whether she has secured a Democratic nomination for one of 10 vacant supreme-court seats up for grabs in November.

A victory would only add to Freier’s resume: Hasidic community leaders say she was already the first Chassidic member to win any judgeship in New York and likely the US — and they are unaware of any other Hassidic member who currently even oversees a court in the country.

We wish Judge Freier much success!


  1. Rachel Freier is the worst judge in Brooklyn. She knows no law and just decides on her feelings. She also comes to work at 10 am goes to lunch at 1230 comes back at 230 and goes home at 4 .
    She writes no decisions worthy of publication. I will NEVER VOTE FOR HER.

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