Star K: Tips for Kosher Traveler When Visiting Israel & the U.S.


Rabbi Zvi Goldberg and Rabbi Boruch Beyer hosted a panel that discussed tips for the kosher traveler when visiting Israel as well as the U.S.

• Rabbi Moshe Farkash – Administrator, ZNT Kosher, Jerusalem
• Rabbi Sholom Tendler – Foodservice Administrator, STAR-K

Rabbi Farkash is intimately familiar with the kosher scene in Israel, and regularly advises tourists on navigating that scene, including restaurants and hotel breakfasts.

Rabbi Tendler is STAR-K’s Baltimore administrator of caterers and restaurants and is a frequent traveler all over the U.S. He discussed managing kashrus on the road. He also provided general travel advice for these challenging times.

Kosher Travel – Israel and USA from STAR-K KOSHER CERTIFICATION on Vimeo.


  1. orient hotel in Jerusalem can we eat breakfast there. we will speak to the Mashgaich. Just wat nto have a heads up. we are Heimesha family from passaic .
    thank you

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