Elon Musk Visits Israel to Witness Horrors First Hand


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today hosted US billionaire Elon Musk for a tour of a kibbutz massacred during Hamas’s October 7 terror attacks.

The tour of Kfar Aza showed Musk the horrors of the attack, which saw terrorists butchering and burning entire families and kidnapping civilians to Gaza.

Musk hears briefings from a local council leader and a representative of the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit about the massacres in the kibbutz.

PM Netanyahu and Elon Musk then met at the Prime Minister’s Knesset office following their tour of Kfar Aza.

Netanyahu showed Musk sections of the film prepared by the IDF Spokesperson which shows the horrors of the massacre perpetrated by Hamas on October 7th.

They then held an extended meeting on the security aspects of artificial intelligence. The recording can be viewed by clicking here.

Some quotes from Musk after touring the site and viewing the footage:

“We saw the joy expressed by terrorists that were killing innocent civilians, including kids and babies.”

“It’s troubling to see massive protests in almost every city in favor of Hamas.”

“We must stop the propaganda that is convincing people to engage in murder.”

“Israel must do in Gaza what the Allies did in Germany and Japan after WWII”

Just two months ago Benjamin Netanyahu met with Elon Musk in San Francisco and spoke in a joint panel, discussing antisemitism and artificial intelligence, among other topics.


  1. Give him credit for going and speaking up.
    Better than : Steven Spielberg, Streisand, Gene Weltz (KISS) frontman, who is an only child of Hungarian Auschwitz survivors! Better than Nadler, rabid Bern Sanders, and thousands of Hollywood Jewish film makers , musicians, talent agents, “.stars”, comedians….SHAME ON THEM!
    Our March to Washington DC, with Schumer speaking (why???) then having him sign on a much smaller defense aid to Israel – shows, the sad truth.

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