Join Kii as They Host Music Superstar Alex Clare


This coming Motsei Shabbos Jan 13th, Kii is hosting Alex Clare for an exclusive and intimate benefit concert! Kindly hosted in the home of Menachem and Mariam Leiber in Lawrence, limited tickets are available to help support Israel and Kii’s outreach efforts in NY!

We had a chance to speak to Kii about this event and their programs.

5TC: Can you tell us what kii is?
Kii: Kii is a social and educational organization, engaging and providing dynamic programs for the most unaffiliated young professionals in NY. A home away from home. In people’s crucial stage of life- when they transition from leaving their parent’s home- to creating their own. We want them to have the opportunity to learn and experience Jewish life.

5TC: Is Kii just another kiruv organization?
Kii: We actually don’t like to use the word ‘Kiruv’. The Lubavitcher Rebbe zt’l used to say that kiruv would imply that we know that we are ‘close’ and they are ‘far’. Rav Noach Weinberg zt’l used to always teach us- that only Hashem can judge. We never know the value of someone’s journey. It is very possible that the Jew you meet may be very close to Hashem already- perhaps even closer than you. You have knowledge that can enhance their lives- so you are obligated to share it – but never make the mistake of dismissing the greatness of every Jew!

5TC: Everyone is wondering – what does Kii mean?
Kii: Kii is both the Hebrew word for ‘because’ and the English word ‘key’. It’s a call to rational and the reasons behind what makes us unique as Jews, while also unlocking opportunities. We believe that every Jew deserves to know their Judaism on a first name basis.

5TC: Who comes to your programs?
Kii: With over 4500 attendees since we’ve opened our doors, Kii is able to attract a young community of Jews who are so distant and have little to no connection with our precious mesorah. At kii’s Pesach Seder we hosted numerous people who not only hadn’t been to a Seder before but didn’t even know what one was until Kii!! Since October 7th, we’ve had people contacting us, some having experienced anti-Semitism personally themselves, now desperate to understand what it means to be Jewish.

5TC: Where can we find you?
Kii: Often when we speak to people and they hear that we live in the Lower East Side ,they tell us that their grandparents lived there! Virtually everyone’s grandparents did. Including ours! (If yours did too, please be in touch!) Downtown Manhattan had the largest concentration of Jews anywhere in the world. The world shifts, things change, and communities move. Now they are back! Gentrification, job opportunities this is the place to be! A very large percentage of post graduates come to NY to develop their networks and business experience.

5TC: Who directs the organization?
Kii: Spearheaded by the dynamic couple Rabbi Moshe and Liat Mayerfeld who have worked with many outreach organizations, seminaries and yeshivos. They have taught 1000s around the world. Having lived in Israel, England and now they co-direct Kii in NY. They launched Kii as an independent organization in the zchus and spirit of Rav Noach Weinberg zt’l. It was launched during Covid and have grown enormously during that time. They are accomplishing amazing things. Kii is here to refresh. To create a new. To dream about the greatness within each and every one. To build and develop the unique inner potential of our community, so each person can take their important place within wider society.

5TC: How did you manage to have a superstar like Alex Clare work together with Kii?
Kii: Alex is visiting from Israel and is a huge fan of Kii. The Mayerfelds actually know him from their many years in England! Wearer of many hats, Alex will treat us to startling music – raw and wracked soul song, timeless in its construction and in the power of Clare’s voice.

Join us for an evening of music, inspiration, his personal story, supporting Israel and local outreach.

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