The Definitive Rap: Israel Chesed Center & Unity Shabbas Interview with Moshe Bodner of Woodmere


When the atrocities of October 7th happened, the world was shocked at the brutalities. People outside of Israel who were not directly affected went on with their lives. But the Israelis who had no homes to go back to, who were displaced, and had no homes, clothing, food, the bare necessities that a human being needs, those people could not go back to their lives. They desperately needed help. The IDF was not fully prepared with the supplies that the chayalim that were deployed needed. The families of the chayalim became in dire need. People who wanted to help those in need, many did not know where to even begin. And this is where Moshe Bodner jumped right with his renowned leadership skills, and he literally changed the world by arranging for a warehouse so that goods and supplies could be shipped to Israel, and a world-altering unity Shabbaton that he is planning.

Baila Sebrow, producer and host of The Definitive Rap Show for 5Towns Central sat down with Woodmere resident, Moshe Bodner to talk extensively about his initiative, how it took off, and how it went far and wide.

Moshe is an experienced organizational leader who is a senior operating executive with extensive global management in the telecommunications and technology sectors. He has a proven record of achievement, strong leadership skills, effective decision-making capability, and a pragmatic approach to resolving business issues.

Moshe Bodner established the Israel Chesed Center immediately following the Simchat Torah Massacre. To date, the operation has sent over 4,000 duffel bags of gear to Israel – approximately 80% for chayalim and the rest for Mefunim (displaced people). The operation also facilitates other chasadim for Israel – shabbat meals for soldiers, gifts and activities for mefunim, and community engagement and volunteering throughout the NY/NJ area. The Israel Chesed Center is spearheading the upcoming Unity Shabbat, which will feature a host of activities, volunteering, and Chayalim spending Shabbat in various communities. Moshe and his 6 kids lived in Israel for many years and currently have 2 in Israel – a son and daughter-in-law in Israel (she is currently a tank driver on the Syrian border), a son learning in Yeshiva in Jerusalem, and 4 other children currently in NY.

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