Hezbollah Rocket Attack Claims Israeli Life R”L: Major Escalation in Tzfat Skirmish


An Israeli woman was killed R”L, while eight others sustained injuries, one in critical condition and another with moderate wounds, following a large-scale rocket assault launched by Hezbollah that targeted Tzfat. The large-scale assault overwhelmed Israeli air defense mechanisms.

Simultaneously, Hezbollah directed its fire towards the IDF’s Northern Command headquarters based in Tzfat.

This assault signifies a significant intensification in the ongoing exchanges of hostilities between Israel and Hezbollah.

Almost every day since the war, the north of Israel came under attacks from Lebanon and Syria. The situation in the north is very intense these days. Many cities are still empty of their residents, families are still on high alert, as the enemies of Israel target civilians like the children in the photo below.

IDF Statement: “A short time ago, a number of launches were detected that crossed the territory of Lebanon to the Netua area, Menara as well as to the IDF base in the north of the country. IDF forces attacked the sources of the shooting. Fighter jets began an extensive wave of attacks in Lebanese territory, more details to follow.”

Below is footage of Tzfat residents running for cover:







Besuros Tovos.

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