Defense Minister Yoav Gallant Issues Statement Ahead of Potential Iran Attack


As Iran threatens to retaliate to the Israeli assassination of two Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps officers generals in Damascus, Syria, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant stated the following:

”Any attack on the country will face a strong defense, before a powerful response in its territory.”

“In this war, we are being attacked from more than one front… from different directions. Any enemy that tries to attack us, will first of all be met with a strong defense.”

“But we will know how to react very quickly with a decisive offensive action against the territory of whoever attacks our territory, no matter where it is, in the entire Middle East”.

“We have this ability an Israeli response will be very, very effective, very powerful”

“One of the things we excel at over the years is that the enemy never knows what surprises we are preparing for it”

Although the USA continues to pressure Israel for a 6-week ceasefire with no conditions of hostage exchanges, they committed to respond with Israel if Iran were to target the region.

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