Hillel Fuld: “Open Letter to The Global Community”


“I am writing you this note from a town located between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, a town that, like the rest of Israel, didn’t sleep much last night.

But we don’t need to talk about that. You know what happened last night and for the time being, we have your support.

Don’t get me wrong, we appreciate your support, but we’d appreciate it even more if it doesn’t end tomorrow.

You see, on October 7th, in the midst of all the tears and devastation, I told myself that at least now the world will stand with Israel and there is no possible scenario in which people deny October 7th.

After all, there is GoPro footage of the massacre and even if someone doubts the authenticity of those videos, there are thousands of Palestinian terrorists who don’t even deny it. On the contrary, they are proud of it. So, I told myself, there is no way anyone will support Israel’s enemies.

Then October 8th happened. The day after. Poof! Gone! All of a sudden, just hours after the most gruesome attack in modern history, even before the Jewish blood was dry, the support disappeared and Israel was once again isolated.

So, while we do appreciate your support today, we aren’t kidding ourselves that you’ll support us tomorrow.

Nothing will make me happier than being wrong here…

But now, in this very moment, when we do have your ear, when there seems to be some moral clarity in the world, allow me to surface some things you wouldn’t even bother hearing last week.

Let’s start with the basics.

There was a permanent ceasefire on October 6th. Hamas broke it.

There was not a single Jew in Gaza on October 6th. Zero occupation. The Palestinians had Gaza to turn into a state. They chose terror.

There is no genocide in Gaza. There are no 30,000 innocent people killed in Gaza. There aren’t even 30,000 deaths. That’s not me saying it. The Gaza health ministry, the one that’s run by Hamas and was the source of those numbers, has admitted that their numbers are inaccurate.

Israel did not target a single innocent person. That includes journalists, aid workers, women, children, etc. None of it is true. Every single innocent death in Gaza is on Hamas, not Israel.

Israel does everything, perhaps too much (putting the safety of enemies before your own is immoral.) to minimize civilian deaths in Gaza. Hamas depends on those deaths. No army has ever done as much as Israel has done in this war to avoid civilian deaths.

If there is a genocide happening in the Middle East, it’s Hamas that’s perpetrating it. They don’t even hide it. They want all Jews dead. Period. That’s called genocide.

Forget the ceasefire on October 6th. Israel has offered multiple ceasefires since. All of them were rejected by Hamas.

Speaking of ceasefires, the “Ceasefire now” crowd was exposed last night when they were caught cheering on the Iranian attack. All of a sudden they don’t want a ceasefire, huh? Perhaps, and I know I’m going out on a limb here, perhaps they never wanted a ceasefire. They want Israel to cease, so that its enemies can fire.

Here’s another thing. Take whatever numbers you want, and no matter how you slice it, the ratio between combatant and civilian in this war is the lowest it’s been in any war. The world knows this and it’s clear that Israel is now the world leading country when it comes to urban warfare.

As far as war crimes, Hamas has committed every one in the book.

Firing into civilian populations? ✅
Firing from hospitals? ✅
Using hospitals as terror bases? ✅
Using sex crimes as a weapon? ✅
Using human shields? ✅
Preventing humanitarian aid from reaching civilians? ✅

The list goes on.

But guess what? It’s not only Hamas that has shown its cruel and barbaric face.

How many times do you think the Red Cross visited the Israeli hostages to make sure they’re getting food and medication? Six months. Zero visits. ZERO!

The UN? How many resolutions have they passed against Hamas? Six months of war crimes. Zero resolutions against Hamas. Multiple ones against Israel.

Speaking of evil, the pro Hamas crowd should be thrown into jail. Every last one of them. They are celebrating and supporting terror openly in your streets.

You sure you’re ok with this? Because their intention could not be clearer. They want the west. Every last inch of it.

So you might think you can sit back and let them take over your streets now when Israel is their target, but after Israel, the west is next. Think carefully what precedent you want to set here…

Besides, anyone who stands with Hamas here stands with literal pedophiles and rapists. Can you recognize how sick and twisted that is?

Listen, let me just explain this to you.

Israel doesn’t want war. Israel has never started a war. Ever.

Israel wants peace. Israel has even made painful concessions for peace. Many times. But for there to be peace, there needs to be a second dancer to tango. There is no other side. And there will therefore not be peace. But while Israel has never started a war, it has also never lost a war and this one will be no different.

By the way, speaking of evil… South Africa, Canada, Ireland, and the rest of you previously closeted antisemites, we see you.

Winning this war means entering Rafah. There is no other way. You don’t put out half a fire. You don’t denazify half of Germany and you don’t defeat half of ISIS. Hamas will be defeated in its entirety and for that to happen, Rafah needs to be dealt with. And that is exactly what Israel will do.

While on the topic of Rafah, have you noticed that Israel is the only country that the world demands use restraint when attacked? What other country has to withstand so much diplomatic pressure to not win a war? Why is Israel the only country that has to constantly justify its existence?

Why is Israel the only country that has to answer to anyone when defending itself? Why is Israel singled out? I’ll give you a hint. It starts with a J and ends with EWS.

Listen, last night was a historic event on many fronts. It’s nice to have such widespread support right now. It feels good. But we know it won’t last and that’s a fact. An unfortunate fact, but a fact nonetheless.

For now, though, before you can blame Israel for something, for now, try to look at this war with a bit more clarity and you will realize that this isn’t a war between Israel and the Palestinians. It’s not a war between the IDF and Hamas. This is a war between good and evil, a war between radical Islam and the west.

The sooner you understand that, the sooner Israel can fight your war and defeat Hamas once and for all.

Trust me when I tell you, you don’t want Hamas to continue to exist.

So now’s the time to not only stand with Israel, it’s also the time to say thank you to the IDF for fighting your war so you can live safety in your comfortable house in the west.

You’re welcome.

If you truly can’t find it within yourself to choose good over evil, to choose Israel over Hamas, then just know that you will be held accountable for your historically wrong decision.

That’s not a threat. It’s a promise. A historical fact.

Oh, and to Iran, it’s gotta stink to be you right now…


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