Inspiring Message Found in Fallen Soldiers Pocket


The words in the picture below were found in Rif Harush’s uniform pocket (HY”D). Rif, 20, was killed last week while fighting Hamas in Gaza.

The words come from Rabbi Elimelech of Lizensk and say the following:

“Please save us from jealousy of one another. May no jealousy of others enter our hearts and may others not be jealous of us.

On the contrary, grant in our hearts, that each of us recognize the positives of our brethren, and not their deficiencies.

And that every one of us speak w/ their fellow in the straight and desired way before You.

And may there not arise in our hearts any hatred between one of us & their fellow, God forbid.”


May all of us accept to try to live life with these values as a merit to Rif’s special soul, HY”D. Yihi Zichro Baruch.

Via Dov Lipman

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