The Definitive Rap: Disneyland on The Mountain; The Birthing of The Environmental Movement In America


At The Definitive Rap we celebrate activism for the greater good, and the history surrounding it. On this episode of the show we learn about the birthing of the environmental movement in America from a husband and wife team who authored a fascinating book called Disneyland On The Mountain.
It’s the true story of what would turn out to be Walt Disney’s final passion project: A Disney-themed ski resort on top of a Southern California mountain, complete with a ski lift, sleigh rides, dogsledding, ice-skating, tobogganing, and Disney Imagineer-created Audio-Animatronic bears. Local residents tried to stop it from being built out of concern for the land and the (real) animals that inhabited it. The case went all the way to the Supreme Court and basically birthed the environmental movement in America. Health failing, Walt Disney soldiered on with his dream. But it was one that would never be realized-not before or after his death.

Baila Sebrow, producer and host of The Definitive Rap for 5Towns Central interviewed Greg Glasgow and Kathryn Mayer discussing where and when Walt Disney came up with the idea to build a Disney-branded ski resort in Southern California, why it became controversial, and that the fight went all the way to the Supreme Court.
Also discussed were the comparisons to be made between what happened with Disney in California in the 1960s and what just happened with Disney in Florida.
2023 is the 100th anniversary of the Disney company!

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